Innovation: Uncovering Strategies to Encourage Ideas to Flourish

Friday September 25th at 1:00pm Central

There are many classes and training sessions to learn how to be more innovative or to learn ways to create an environment that supports an innovative culture. The answer is actually right at our fingertips. It is very simple but not always easy. Did you know that you are naturally an innovative person? The members of your team are naturally innovative people as well.

Drama or judgment is the nemesis of innovative thought. When you waste time and energy on drama, you have little, to no, time left for higher-level thinking. In addition to finite time, when the focus is not on wasteful items the only thing remaining are ideas and solutions. This hour-long, Web-based seminar will help you discover for yourself why these things are true and will help you uncover ways to drive innovation and solution-building for yourself and for your teams.

Session Objectives

  • Identify the enemies of innovative thought
  • Learn coaching techniques to increase innovative thinking
  • Experience the natural, peaceful, innovate state for yourself


Prior to the session, spend at least one hour with at least one other person where you agree to speak only in non-judgmental terms. What does that mean? You can only speak statements that are neutral such as, “There’s a car.” A statement like, “it’s a nice day” is a judgmental statement because of the word “nice.” No judgments good or bad. Be prepared to reflect on your experience during the session.