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There’s no doubt that these are challenging times in our business world today. For many, work has never seemed tougher. Expectations continue to rise, while everyone must do more with less… leading to burnout, disengagement and a lot of workplace drama.

Challenging times like these call for a radically new approach—a Reality-Based Revolution! We need leaders who are able to recreate mindsets (their own and that of others) in order to change their organization’s culture and develop teams who succeed despite the circumstances. We need employees who understand their true value and are passionate about what they do.

A national keynote speaker, business consultant, and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Cy Wakeman has spent over 20 years cultivating a revolutionary approach to leadership and workplace culture. In her speaking presentations, Cy rocks audiences with tips and tools for ditching the drama, turning excuses into results, and restoring sanity to the workplace! She shows people at all levels of an organization how to re-engage, take accountability for their own success, and learn to love their jobs again.

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