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Reality-Based Leadership for Coaches & Athletic Organizations

Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to Our Athletic Organizations and Turn Excuses Into Results

Leadership Presentation for Coaches and Athletic Organizations

Today’s challenging sporting environments are calling for a new type of leader. We need coaches and administrators willing and able to recreate mindsets (their own and that of others) and change an athletic organization’s culture in order to lead in a bold new way.

The Reality-Based Revolution begins with a few good leaders who are able to quickly see and radically accept the reality of the situation, conserve precious team energy, and use that energy instead to impact reality. A great Reality-Based Leader anticipates the upcoming changes and capitalizes on the opportunity inherent in the situation without drama or defense.

These Reality-Based Leaders are able, to first, ditch their own drama and then profoundly impact each and every one of the athletes they engage with by helping their players eliminate mental/emotional waste through the use of great mental processes. Equipped with these mental processes, coaches are able to lead and develop individuals/teams that are highly accountable and engaged, bought-in to the culture and focused on continuous results and improvement. Day in and day out.

Coaches and Athletic Administrators will leave this session:

  • Possessing tools to eliminate mental/emotional waste from themselves and their athletes
  • Understanding how to coach for true accountability with their players
  • Understanding how arguing with reality and drama affects athlete confidence, anxiety, fear and self-doubt
  • Able to capture team energy lost in drama and put it into productive action
  • Leading their athletes first, managing the team second
  • Knowing why it’s important to ‘Play Favorites’
  • Knowing what actions facilitate buy-in from their athletes
  • Able to see all changes in their sport as opportunities and not threats
  • Bulletproofing athletes so that they can succeed, regardless of the circumstances

And so much more…!

Presented By:

Alex Dorr

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