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Reality-Based Leadership

Ditch the Drama and Turn Excuses Into Results

Leadership Presentation

Based on Cy Wakeman’s Book!

Today’s challenging business environment is calling for a new type of leader. We need those willing and able to recreate mindsets (their own and that of others) and change an organization’s culture in order to lead in a bold new way.

The Reality Revolution begins with a few good leaders who are able to quickly see and radically accept the reality of the situation, conserve precious team energy, and use that energy instead to impact reality. A great Reality-Based Leader anticipates the upcoming changes and capitalizes on the opportunity inherent in the situation without drama or defense.

The principles of Reality-Based Leadership include:

  • Refusing to argue with reality
  • Valuing action over opinion
  • Leading first, managing second
  • Bulletproofing employees so that they can succeed, regardless of the circumstances
  • Working to be happy rather than to be right

Presented By:

Alex Dorr

Cy Wakeman

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