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Reality-Based Rules of the Game (For Athletes)

Eliminate Mental/Emotional Waste That Holds Athletes Back From Performing Their Best

Player Development and Mental Training Presentation

Based on Cy Wakeman’s New York Times Bestselling Reality-Based Rules Principles!

So much athlete development goes in to making athletes more efficient by eliminating waste from their games. Eliminate wasted movement to be quicker, eliminate wasted skills that don’t serve them well in competition or cutting down on wasted possessions, at-bats or putts.

But what many athletes are not taught are the great mental processes that allow athletes to eliminate mental & emotional waste – The one thing hurting athletic performance the most! That is what happens on an individual level for athletes in this session which then leads to better cohesion on the team level.

But this training doesn’t stop there!

Along with taking away the tools to ditch the drama from their game, athletes will discover how to determine their value to their team. They’ll get a ‘formula’ designed to calculate their current and future potential against their “emotional expense”— the toll their actions and attitudes take on their teammates around them. This clear direction cuts or reduces their emotional cost, and helps everyone become an invaluable member of the team. The result? Everyone, from your starters to your role players will not only buy-in and re-engage, but continue to passionately improve in their sport.

Five rules to boost your athletic impact and eliminate mental/emotional waste include:

  1. Don’t hope to be lucky. Choose to get results and be happy in your sport.
  2. Suffering and frustration is completely optional. Ditch the drama from your game.
  3. Buy-in to your coaching or team is not optional. Your action, not opinion, adds impact.
  4. Changes are opportunities in your sport.
  5. You will always have extenuating circumstances – succeed anyway!

Presented By:

Alex Dorr

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