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Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace

Boost Your Value and Be Happy at Work

Employee Development & Engagement Presentation

Based on Cy Wakeman’s New York Times Bestselling Book!

Wouldn’t you like to know your value within your organization? Better still, wouldn’t you like to boost it?

In this presentation, you’ll discover how to determine your value to your organization. You’ll get a formula designed to calculate your current and future potential against your “emotional expense”— the toll your actions and attitudes take on the people around you. This clear direction cuts or reduces your emotional cost, and helps everyone become an invaluable member of the team. The result? Everyone at all levels of the organization will not only re-engage, but grow passionate about their work.

Five rules to boost your value include:

  1. Don’t hope to be lucky. Choose to be happy.
  2. Ditch the drama.
  3. Buy-in is not optional. Your action, not opinion, adds value.
  4. Change is opportunity.
  5. Succeed anyway.

Presented By:

Alex Dorr

Cy Wakeman

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