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Turning Talent Into Productivity

Turning Talent Into Productivity and Coaching for Great Performance

Employee Development & Productivity Presentation

The true value of an employee is no longer determined just by their technical skills, expertise or current performance. The value proposition of our organization is far more complex in our new realities. Total value is determined by one’s current performance PLUS their future relevance MINUS their emotional expensiveness to the institution!

In this presentation, participants learn will key strategies for getting the most out of this new value equation and gain insight into a revolutionary, more enlightened and strategic way of viewing the true value of talent. They will also begin to connect employee value to productivity and thereby become able to predict for the organization talent’s true ability to deliver on strategic initiatives. In order to ensure that all talent will remain relevant and accountable far into the future and that plenty of bench strength exists in the organization, leaders must renew their focus on the coaching and development of their people.

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Cy Wakeman

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