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Calling Leaders to Greatness in Healthcare

The pace of change in healthcare accelerates the call for higher expectations with fewer resources. How do you manage developing your leaders while preventing the burden of burnout? How will you accommodate new workforce generations, increasing patient volume, regulatory constraints, while meeting productivity targets and quality measures?

Many healthcare organizations are reporting that they are staffed on the brink of disaster, scrambling for limited resources to take on aggressive agendas, worse yet, 68% of their ‘patient-focused’ workforce is actively or passively disengaged.

In fact, our research has found that the average healthcare worker spends two hours and twenty minutes per day in drama and emotional waste – blaming, moaning and whining, taking away precious time that could be spent at the bedside or in action solving immediate clinical issues.

Validated by medical institution research, in partnership with The Futures Company, this two-hour and twenty-minute figure resulted from captured data on non-productive, yet widely accepted, management practices from the open-door policy to enabling the office water cooler.

Further research validated that reducing this emotional waste not only improved clinician productivity, but also improved the patient experience by reduction in noise (drama) from nursing staff. Even more astonishing, by recapturing valuable clinician time and productivity previously lost to “emotional” waste, this organization was able to reduce the amount of posted nurse vacancies!

This research provided quantitative findings to complement our already prolific qualitative research and work with hundreds of healthcare organizations such as New York Presbyterian Hospital, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Medtronic, Pfizer, Bayer, National Institutes of Health, and Hospital Sisters Health Systems (HSHS).

The revolution begins with a few great healthcare leaders who are willing to consider counter-intuitive, yet proven insights that result in profound cost savings through:
• Increased productivity and accountability
• Measurable improvements in engagement
• Cross-departmental teamwork and change readiness

As byproducts, retention of highly-accountable employees improves, as does innovation.

Our Team of Healthcare speakers and trainers combine over 50 years of experience in helping healthcare professionals ditch the drama and turn excuses into results.

We have a variety of healthcare training solutions that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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