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Spring has sprung and it’s the ideal time to take inventory of your personal and/or professional goals for the year. Think back to the New Year’s resolutions you set in January. Are you making progress as you should or have your plans been derailed?

If there’s a need to regroup and refocus, it’s never too late. Yes, life is messy and can sometimes get in the way. But we can still live happy. Here’s how:

  1. Get Wholehearted – Feeling fatigued or rundown? Make it a conscious decision to be fully present in the moment, whether at work or at home. This mindset will conserve your energy so you can use it to tackle the task at hand.
  2. Ditch the Drama – Do you find yourself constantly complaining about what many would deem “first world problems”? Are you a pro at playing the victim? Your stress is from your story, not your reality. Stop believing everything you think and your stress and suffering will diminish, allowing you to refocus on your priorities.
  3. Embrace Change – One thing we can always expect from life is the unexpected. You can either deal with it with an attitude of happiness or misery – the choice is yours. Suffering is optional, so choose happiness!
  4. Stop Judging – The minute we start judging (even ourselves!), we stop adding value to the situation. Imperfection is a part of life and challenges will come our way. Use these times as lessons in resilience to push forward instead of giving in to defeat.

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