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Teaching your team to roll with the punches

When change comes our way, we immediately feel threatened. The next thing we know, we are going through three predictable stages in order to cope with the unexpected news at hand:

Stage 1: Surprise – How can this be happening? Why Me?

Stage 2: Panic – How does this affect me? Am I competent?

Stage 3: Blame – There is no way this is my fault! The client demands are too high.

These stages are understandable, but while our teams are wasting time panicking or coming up with excuses, they are not giving their talent or focusing on next steps. In essence, they end up costing more than they are contributing.

The reality is that change will always be a part of life. It’s necessary for innovation and learning. So let’s ditch the drama and start helping our teams thrive no matter what changes come their way. Here’s how:

  1. Instill the Ability to Respond to Adversity – Help your team greet change with a simple “good to know.” Move quickly to help them understand their new realities and find ways to deliver results regardless.
  2. Encourage a Commitment to Succeed in Spite of the Facts – How our teams view their situations affects their actions and outcomes. Encourage them to reframe and view their challenges as opportunities.
  3. Help them Navigate and Resolve Conflict Quickly – Drama and conflict only lead to resentment and burnout over time. Help your team embrace quick resolutions for greater happiness and engagement.

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Posted in Leadership by Cy Wakeman on November 30th, 2015.

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