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There are many challenges in today’s work environment. Here’s the reality check: challenging times are not the source of our pain. The source of our pain is the absence of great leadership that’s based in reality. Many times, people misconstrue my message as one of “tough love.” Well, not really. Reality is tough. Leadership is love.

Embracing Reality-Based Leadership will help us see the reality of our situations and -instead of trying to change reality -conserve that energy and use it to make a positive impact for ourselves and the people we lead. There is little that is tough about this approach, but there is a ton of love involved.

Want to follow this new wave of leadership? Here are three tips for Reality-Based Leaders looking to restore sanity to the workplace:

  1. Refuse to Argue with Reality
    The average person spends two hours a day arguing with reality. Embrace what is and eliminate any wasteful mental energy and redirect it toward more productive behaviors.
  2. Work with the Willing
    Focus on the willing. Reality-Based Leaders understand that 68% of employees are disengaged and they go where the love is. Play favorites with employees who are driven and stop putting time and effort into employees stuck in chronic states of resistance.
  3. Lead First, Manage Second
    Stop trying to perfect the circumstances of your team and work to change mindsets instead. Reality-Based Leaders work to get their employees fluent and nimble, making them unfazed and confident enough to handle tough situations.

Intrigued? Stay tuned to this blog for Part 2 of the Leadership Reality Check. Things are about to get real.

Posted in Leadership by Cy Wakeman on May 26th, 2015.

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