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“Cy has provided clear direction and substance to the changes required for Burgess to become a truly great company. Cy has the ability to lead an organization through a brutally honest assessment of current status, the development of desired state, the development of an aggressive action plan, and to lead the leadership through the implementation of the action plan. I believe Cy’s greatest strength comes from her ability present educational material to leadership in such a way that challenges current beliefs resulting in open and honest discussion of current status of an organization and the definition of the desired state. Cy combines real life experiences, knowledge, and her sense of humor to present organizational, human resource, and leadership theory in manner which resonates with both new and experienced leaders.

I would and have recommended Cy to other organizations which are seeking a energetic, humorous, knowledgeable, and engaging speaker in the areas of organizational development, human resources, and leadership. She is the best I have had the pleasure to hear in these areas.”

Posted in by Cy Wakeman on August 4th, 2015.